If you never got in a car accident would your Insurance Company give you all your money back???

Think of how much you pay every month to ICBC (or your respective car insurance company)…  It’s A LOT, but you’d never drive your car without it.

Every month, we grit our teeth and pay our insurance premiums to make sure that in the event we get in an accident, we don’t have to pay out of our pockets for repairs or replacing income because we can’t work.

WHAT IF…  at 65 your insurance company gave you all your money back???  I’d sign up for that plan in an instant and I’m sure you would too…

So Where Am I Going with all of this?

Take  a minute to think of how many people you know who have either had cancer (1 in 3 Canadians will) , had a stroke (1 in 9) or  heart attack (1 in 4).

Now think of  the financial impact that one of these illnesses would have on a family.  What if you couldn’t work for 6 months because you were going through treatment for Cancer? How would you pay your bills? Who could afford to take time off to drive you to Chemo every week? Who would mow your lawn? (You get the idea…)

I have a plan that I can put together for you that will help you pay your bills if you get sick.  This plan pays you a lump sum payment that you put in you bank account so that you have money for income replacement, and any additional treatment you want to have so that you can get better and get back to work.

Ready for the part that seems too good to be true?

You may be sitting there reading this and going… “Well I’m healthy and won’t get sick” (That’s what we all hope for, but we know it’s not realistic).

That being said…  If you beat the odds and never have to claim on your illness policy, THE COMPANY WILL GIVE YOU 100% OF YOUR MONEY BACK…

This is a scenario where you cant lose if you sit down and talk to me (or your current advisor) about, but YOU CAN LOSE HUGE if you don’t.

Nobody wants to get sick, and I hope no one ever does, but I know that some of my clients are going to claim on their insurance.  On the day that that happens, I’m going to know that I had a huge impact on helping them get through the financial strain of their illness.  And for the clients that don’t get sick… they get all their money back!

If you’re still reading…  Give me a call and lets meet to talk about this over a cup of coffee or glass of wine.

I’m not writing this today because I need a sale to pay my mortgage, I’m writing this because if you get sick, I want to make sure that you are able to afford to pay yours…



604 649-1185


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